Nel bardo

Giovedì 22 ottobre 2020

Zone: 7 - Baggio, De Angeli, San Siro, Primaticcio

We seem to have entered another world, a metaphysical world different from our daily lives when we step into STUDIO G7/9. If the world we now live in is defined as a substantial world, in fact, we are also inevitably living in the virtual world which arrives through the use of technological tools. In an era that is wrapped in digital technology, everyone is an integration of virtual and reality. At the same time, we may have overlooked another significant dimension -- our spiritual world. “Bardo” immediately refers to Shakespeare, about poets. In the Tibetan Buddhist culture, the “Bardo” indicates an intermediate state, that moment of transition in which the mind separates from the body and stops in the dimension between the past life and the future life. "NEL BARDO" is such a space floating in parallel space in which time is mythological, it is called "studio in the studio" by artist Giulia Roncucci. The actual working room is the original studio, but the possibilities of creation are limitless. They emerge from the space of consciousness and finally embody to the material dimension. The entire space of STUDIO G7/9 is a spiritual energy place in which all the works compose a complete artistic integration. The spectators will be immersed in this atmosphere immediately when they step in. The psychedelic lights and mixed sounds seem to be a gorgeous trap, dangerous and extremely temptation.

The backside separates by glass can be regarded as the transition of the second level. The scene is disturbed by light reflection and dimness, making it difficult for us to recognize. The key for the viewer to enter this heterogeneous world is to find the window here as a clue which can be mirrors, glass frames, camera lenses, telescopes... Soon, the viewer will get used to this ethereal and unrealistic space, just like a dream, comprising some fragments of memory but lack logic. This kind of metaphysical feeling travels through physical space, it originates from our mind and wraps our body inside out. The 21st century is still the Anthropocene while STUDIO G7/9 provides us with an experimental space which is beyond the Anthropocene. Perhaps it is neither the past nor the future, but from the interval of time and space, perhaps the embodied cognition of our mental expansion.