Frame flags flowers

di Rory Grace Hierzer

Frame Flags Flowers

Giovedì 22 ottobre 2020

Zone: 7 - Baggio, De Angeli, San Siro, Primaticcio

An atypical start to an artistic encounter, via a studio visit. Starting with an introduction of yelling from the street to the artist’s, Giovanni Bai, balcony. The works of the artist are put on display to be viewed from the street partially due to the medium of the art: banners and botanicals, and partially due to the current dangerous situation of the Covid-19. However, upon entering the artists space, his desires to stay safe are obvious, his reaction and integration of the virus into his work is more subtle. Viewing the display of the balcony up close and personal, there is a feeling of tranquility regardless of the current unstable atmosphere below, on the streets. The most pivotal point of the artistic experience is passing through the banner separating the home space and the balcony space. It is unnoticeable upon stepping out onto the balcony but on the re-entry to the home you come face to face with the banner: a simple depiction of a circle, but upon the artist’s explanation it is part of his extensive research in apotropaic practices. Whilst passing through the banner you will be rid of negative energy and spirits. After passing through the banner and re-entering the house, me and my companion did indeed feel a sense of relief, and a sense of security we did not realize we were missing before entering Giovanni Bai’s house. The entire experience was surreal, not in the dramatic sense of entering a totally mind altering space. Instead in a much more quaint sense of the surreal, a centering experience to help orientate oneself in a much more positive headspace, despite all the negativity happening in the world at the moment. Along with Giovanni sharing his works for this visit with us, he shared his older works, as well as his vast collections of books and music. Every item in his house seemed to have immense value, he has the air of a curator with his affinity for collecting items that are full of experiences and secrets. One could spend many hours in his presence and his museum of a house.